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Turkey, a fascinating country

Turkey, located on the historic land of Anatolia, forms a natural land-bridge between Asia and Europe. Its location has been always a favorite for ancient civilizations and armies who have settled and marched on this soil. Wars have been fought, treaties have been made, powerful armies invaded and ruled it, Empires have risen and fallen, but they all left something in Anatolia; their culture. Today, there are thousands of ancient sites throughout Turkey and the best way to visit them would be in companion of a professional tour guide. All of the tour guides you can find in our website are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and have extensive knowledge of our country's history, culture, art, traditions, and mythology, as well of perfect communication skills as they speak your language.

What about Istanbul?

Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey and is considered as the financial and cultural capitol of the country. The city was founded originally on seven hills, like Rome, and is the only city in the world which stands on two continents; Asia and Europe. The Bosphorus strait is one of the major waterways in the world and has a strategic importance for linking the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.

Istanbul has also a long history and is full of museums, old mosques, bazaars, parks and other sites of interest. Here again, a professional tour guide can make your day as enjoyable as possible and at the end you can absorb the history and culture much better than just reading from the guide books. You can easily contact one of the tour guides and book him/her for your dates.

We're 100% confident that your visit will satisfy you the most with a local tour guide, don't miss this opportunity!

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